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Breathe Easy: Tips and Remedies to Treat Nasal Congestion

Peak winters have arrived storming in! Low temperatures, cold winds, and harsh weather are all on this list. However, is your body ready to go through all the seasonal changes?

Winter season knocks on the door with flu, cold, and many more health conditions. The most common one is nasal congestion. A blocked and runny nose can feel miserable. They are hard to manage without the proper treatment. 

Nasal Congestion

Nasal congestion begins with irritation in the tissue lining of the nose. It replicates a chain reaction of inflammation, swelling, and mucus production. These symptoms might make breathing challenging for you.

Untreated nasal congestion may cause conditions, such as sinusitis, nasal polyps, or middle ear infections.

Effects of Nasal Congestion

A stuffy nose or nasal congestion goes beyond your nose, it can affect your daily routine and lifestyle. These are the following symptoms you might experience:

  • Trouble breathing through the nose
  • Mucus flowing from nose
  • Start breathing through your mouth to take in air
  • Babies with nasal congestion may have trouble nursing

Usually, nasal congestion is the first sign to indicate your body’s fight against viral or bacterial infection. in rare cases, it may also be a sign of a tumor or polyp.

Common Causes of Congestion

Nasal congestion occurs when there is a fluid buildup in your nasal tissues, resulting in swelling. Being exposed to certain triggers aggravates the situation. It might include:

  • Environmental factors: Stress, exposure to smoke, paint, fumes, or spicy food.
  • Hormonal factors: Going through puberty or being pregnant may trigger nasal congestion
  • Infections: Sinus or common cold can also cause
  • Enlarged Adenoids: Adenoid glands are located behind the nasal passage. They help trap germs and end up swelling, inducing nasal congestion. 

Remedies to Ease Nasal Congestion

Soak in Steam

Hot water is a boon in the winter season. A warm shower or soaking your face in hot water can break nasal congestion. Steam and vapors have a  positive impact on your body.  A humidifier is a quick and easy way to reduce congestion.

Saltwater Rinse

Inflammed tissues in the nose are also caused due to irritants from dust, pollution, and fragrances. Remove these irritants with the use of saltwater or saline rinse. Over-the-counter saline nasal spray or a saline rinse from a neti pot.

Avoid Cigarette Smoke

Smoking cigarettes or secondhand smoke can add complications to the congestion. Avoid smoke to reduce irritation and inflammation in the nose. Smoking can also may your recovery tougher.

Allergy Control

If you are allergic to certain chemicals, toxins, or environmental changes, It would be no new story for you. Allergies contribute to this disease. It can make you sneeze excessively. They also contribute to sinus congestion.

Use Warm Compress

A warm compress is helpful in the alleviation of nasal congestion. It is efficient in opening nasal passages from the outside. Soak in a towel of warm water, squeeze the water out of the towel, fold it and place it over your nose and forehead.


If the condition isn’t improving, take the appropriate over-the-counter medications to clear your nasal passage. Choose decongestants such as Ephedrine to ease the congestion. You can also go for antihistamines or allergy medication. 

After taking medication for more than three days, consult a professional for the best result.

Final Note

It is a common medical condition in the winter season. It is caused due to the inflammation of nasal tissues through environmental changes or other triggers. Congestion can put a strain on your routine and productivity. Go ahead, and try some tips and remedies to fight the cold. 

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